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New Funding for ‘Nation Building’ BEC Network

March 20, 2009

Business Enterprise Centres in every state of Australia are among recipients of Federal Government funding as part of round two of the Small Business Advisory Services program (SBAS).

“This extra funding is a vote of confidence in the important, nation-building work our Business Enterprise Centres (BECs) are carrying out as they support small and micro businesses with advice and training,” says BEC Australia chairman Peter Murray.

“A flourishing small and micro business sector is vital to Australia’s economic security and this new round of funding will ensure the BEC network will continue to play its vital role in a diverse range of regions and communities across Australia,” he says. (more…)


Hands off the SBDC, warns BEC Australia

March 17, 2009

Australia’s peak body for Small Business Advice, Business Enterprise Centres Australia, is urging the WA government to ignore calls to privatise or amalgamate the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC).

The privatisation calls are being viewed by many observers as a move by the WA Chamber of Commerce and Industry to position itself to take over SBDC contracts, including small business support and advice work carried out by Small Business Centres and Business Enterprise Centres throughout WA.

“This is a dangerous time for playing with WA’s support mechanism for small business,” says BEC Australia chairman, Peter Murray.

“Firstly, the economy is providing a more challenging environment than usual this year, leading to a 47 per cent jump in small businesses seeking advice and support from Business Enterprise Centres nationwide. (more…)