New Funding for ‘Nation Building’ BEC Network

Business Enterprise Centres in every state of Australia are among recipients of Federal Government funding as part of round two of the Small Business Advisory Services program (SBAS).

“This extra funding is a vote of confidence in the important, nation-building work our Business Enterprise Centres (BECs) are carrying out as they support small and micro businesses with advice and training,” says BEC Australia chairman Peter Murray.

“A flourishing small and micro business sector is vital to Australia’s economic security and this new round of funding will ensure the BEC network will continue to play its vital role in a diverse range of regions and communities across Australia,” he says.

AusIndustry says funding through the SBAS is to maximise the growth potential, prosperity and sustainability of small businesses through enhanced access to information and advice on issues important to sustaining and/or growing small business in response to the current global financial crisis. 

“Individual small businesses seeking access to free or low cost advisory services should contact their local BEC for advice across numerous topics including business planning, finance, marketing, and government regulation,” says Mr Murray.

“The government deserves praise for launching and maintaining the SBAS program because it is being administered smoothly and funding is getting through to where it is needed.

“In other words, the rubber is hitting the road and the wheels of small and micro businesses are being kept in motion as a result.”

The 2008-09 Budget provided $42 million over four years to fund 36 Business Enterprise Centres (BECs) (SBAS program Round 1) with the objective of delivering low cost small business advisory services.

The SBAS program Round 2 is a $4 million merit based competitive grant program which builds on the existing $42 million BEC initiative. 


CONTACT: Peter Murray, national chairman, BEC Australia …. 0402 722 788


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