Budget 09: It’s Small Business Calling

As the dust begins to settle amid the hype of Federal Budget week, there is a particular gem that many commentators have overlooked and for which the Rudd Government needs congratulations, according to Australia’s Peak Body for Small Business Advice, BEC Australia.

Among a number of welcome measures for “the backbone of the Australian economy”, $10 million has been set aside for a Small Business Support Line that will link business people to their local support and advice network.

“In today’s fast-changing environment, a well-managed support line could be just the thing small business owners need to guide them through the turbulence,” says BEC Australia Chairperson, Peter Murray.

“We are looking forward to working with the government on the finer details of the proposal because it makes sense for Support Line advisors to be based in local BEC offices in each state.

“In fact, the BEC network has experience in running similar services and in this climate when every penny counts it would be prudent to exploit the BEC network’s existing infrastructure rather than create a new tier of bureaucracy for Small Business to negotiate.

“BEC Australia has the knowhow, the Federal Government has pledged the funding, and soon Small Businesses in Australia will have a convenient hotline for extra support as they keep the wheels of our economy turning,” he says.


CONTACT: Peter Murray, national chairman, BEC Australia on 0402 722 788 or chair@beca.org.au


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