Budget 09: Encore for Small Business

Federal Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull has sent a strong signal that the Coalition understands small business and is prepared to make changes to ease the burden on this vital sector of our nation’s economy, says the Business Enterprise Centres Australia, the county’s peak body on small business advice.

“Opposition proposals to reduce red tape, enable small business to take on and keep more apprentices, and roll out a tax-loss carryback policy, all touch important issues for small business people in Australia,” says BEC Australia chair, Peter Murray.

“Mr Turnbull’s budget reply suggests that both major parties are listening to small business in Australia and both have put forward proposals of considerable merit.“In the Government’s case, we eagerly look forward to the speedy implementation of the programs announced in the budget.

“From the Opposition, we look forward to ongoing pursuit of small business issues as policies are honed in the lead up to the next election in 18 months.

“We also encourage both parties to embrace a spirit of bipartisanship on small business issues because this sector is too critical to our economy and the lives of millions to fall foul of rhetoric.”


CONTACT: Peter Murray, national chairman, BEC Australia on 0402 722 788 or chair@beca.org.au



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