New benefits for small business on horizon, if Ron gets his way

Ron Watts, BEC Australia

Ron Watts, BEC Australia

Negotiating discounts and deals for small businesses are top priority for Ron Watts, who has commenced his role this week as General Manager, Sponsorship and Compliance, with Business Enterprise Centres Australia (BECA).

“BECA has a raft of sponsorship deals on the table and one of my first jobs will be working through the list and negotiating some valuable agreements on behalf of small businesses and the BEC network,” says Ron.

“While the parties at the table represent core products and services needed by small business people, I will be taking a strictly commercial approach to negotiations to ensure that the outcomes are meaningful to sole traders, small businesses and start ups alike.”

Ron’s role will also focus on systems and compliance as BECA prepares for its first full time CEO from June 1, 2010.

“Having been a member of the BECA board in various roles in the past, I look forward to helping it complete its governance review so that our systems can respond to opportunities and issues promptly, efficiently and transparently,” stresses Ron.

Ron Watts’ involvement in the BEC network began in 1996 when he became a board member of Northern Adelaide BEC in Elizabeth, South Australia. Until last month, he had served as either a board member, chairman or manager since NABEC’s inception.

NABEC won Best National Metropolitan BEC in 2007 and Ron won Best National BEC Manager in 2005. Under Ron’s guidance, NABEC has become a hub of best practice with staff sharing experiences and systems with other BECs.

Prior to BEC involvement, Ron established and ran his own business in the home and commercial building renovation sector.

“Over 28 years we managed to grow the business to employ 33 people and became involved with product importation, sales and distribution across Australia, Adelaide-based contracting activities, retail and wholesale product sales’” recalls Ron.

“It was a small family business that grew to an annual turnover of over 1 million dollars, and that is exactly the sort of progress and development that BECA stands for and strives for.”


CONTACT: Ron Watts, general manager compliance and sponsorship, BEC Australia on 0400 899 368 or


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3 Responses to “New benefits for small business on horizon, if Ron gets his way”

  1. April Andy Says:

    That would probably give some points of views on how they should start their own small business.this one is very useful and very helpful on how they gain profits to their business.
    Thanks..! 😀

  2. April Andy Says:

    Excellent post!
    Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else.

  3. Steve Irons Says:

    Hi Ron,
    BEC was a big player in getting docDownload up and running and I have been talking to Daniel Boland for a long time about returning the favour and offering a serious discount an other favours to everybody in the BEC network. The website concentrates on micro-business, small business and SMEs and so has many of the documents that new businesses require to get started. Often the new business operator just doesn’t have the money to pay for the complex legal and technical documentation, but often it is not that difficult and many are able to do it themselves if they have a template to get them started. We have done the technical work necessary to make discounting a reality, so we just need to work out how discounts can easily be offered to members of the network. I am happy to work with you to get it under way nationally.
    Kind regards

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