Flood hit businesses rely on Gillard government delivering better than insurance companies

Australia’s peak body for small business advice is urging the federal government to set an example to the insurance industry by following through efficiently with its offer of extra funding to support networks like Business Enterprise Centres, which are stretched to breaking point assisting small businesses affected by natural disasters, says BEC Australia chair, Jack Hughes.

“The Gillard government has done the right thing offering $3.3 million to support the support groups doing the frontline work of helping small businesses recover and regroup after recent floods and cyclones,” says Mr Hughes.

“For example, the Ipswich Business Enterprise Centre has been stretched to breaking point as its staff and volunteers have reached out or responded to more than 600 local businesses needing help to access trauma counselling, apply for government support, and navigate the confusing minefields of insurance company claims.

“Business Enterprise Centres have long been a first port of call for small businesses needing support or seeking training for ongoing development.

“This latest offer of support to networks like BECs will mean all eyes will be on the Gillard government to ensure this vital and generous offer is delivered to where it is needed quickly, in stark contrast to the delaying tactics being displayed by insurance companies which the government itself has been quick to criticise,” he says.

Mr Hughes says getting small businesses back on their feet after a major disaster is a tough but essential job and notes it is a worthy priority for government because while many operators have lost everything their communities depend upon them starting from scratch again.


CONTACT: Jack Hughes, national chair, BEC Australia on 0408 837 032 or jack@becnt.com.au.



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