BECs in NSW going deeper for better small business outcomes

Australia’s peak body for small business has welcomed the selection of so many Business Enterprise Centres as Advisors under the newly relaunched Small Biz Connect program in New South Wales, says Business Enterprise Centres Australia (BECA) chairman Jack Hughes.

Small Biz Connect is a practical program that links small business owners in NSW with local business advisors, to help them plan for their business’ success.

“The NSW Government funds Small Biz Connect and we’re heartened to see it increase its stake further after Federal Government funding for such programs was reduced in 2012,” said Mr Hughes.

“Small business provides one in every two jobs in NSW, so this move by the State Government is both pragmatic and strategically crucial for the state’s economy.

“Many Business Enterprise Centres were already involved in the previous Business Advisory Service program so it is a relief for the state’s 650,000 small businesses that this wealth of experience in providing business advice has not been lost.

“Perhaps the most satisfying aspect of the new Small Biz Connect program is that it is not focussed on ticking boxes or measuring numbers but on providing deep, tailored advice for businesses so they can act on realistic, simple action plans, something that Business Enterprise Centre advisors thrive on providing.

“The fact that Small Biz Connect will measure real outcomes, provide access in regional and metropolitan areas, and include business owners from non-English speaking backgrounds, means that NSW is looking after the engine room of its economy and laying foundations for a more prosperous future,” he said.


CONTACT: Jack Hughes, national chairman, BEC Australia on 0408 837 032 or


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