BEC Australia: We want Bruce Billson to overstay his welcome

As Bruce Billson begins his role as Australia’s sixth Small Business Minister in 15 months, Business Enterprise Centres Australia (BECA) chairman, Jack Hughes, says the greatest wish among small business owners is that the Minister will stay in the job a long time.

“As Australia’s peak body for small business advice, I can say with confidence that what the small business sector is craving is stability in Canberra so that owners, managers and staff can plan with certainty,” says Mr Hughes.

“I think many in the sector would relish the ‘problem’ of the Minister becoming part of the furniture.

“The Coalition’s Policy for Small Business has sparked optimism within the ranks of BEC Australia members and having Minister Billson stay the course to steer it through will have a very positive impact on the sector and therefore the Australian economy as a whole.

“As always, the unique position of the Business Enterprise Centre national network means it can offer once again to play its dual role of being a trusted advisor and partner to a Small Business Minister, while continuing to be an invaluable support resource at the business coalface where vital economic activity happens.

“Here’s to working together with Minister Billson to tackle the challenges and roadblocks that stand between the small business sector and a prosperous, resilient future for all,” said Mr Hughes.


CONTACT: Jack Hughes, national chairman, BEC Australia on 0408 837 032 or


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