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Federal Budget 2012: Swan and O’Connor Maintain Faith with Small Business Advisory Services

May 9, 2012

Australia’s peak body for small business says a modest cut to funding for the Small Business Advisory Service (SBAS) in the 2012 Federal Budget should be seen as a diligent and measured decision when viewed in the context of global economic conditions and pressure to make savings on the road to surplus, says Business Enterprise Centres Australia (BECA) chairman Jack Hughes.

Treasurer, Wayne Swan, and Small Business Minister, Brendan O’Connor, have decided to extend the SBAS for another four years, just weeks before it was to end on June 30.

“Everyone who understands small business knows the SBAS is a lifeline, particularly to new businesses, in providing free advice to help small business people make sound decisions as they navigate the challenges of the marketplace and labour market,” said Mr Hughes.

“It is clear the Gillard Government has made a tough decision in the national interest, by ensuring BECs can continue nurturing the small business sector through the SBAS, such a crucial act for ensuring any new recoveries do not stall.

“Admittedly, it will be painful bearing a cut in funding from $40 million over four years down to $27.5 million, but to be frank, with all the pressures on the budget there was a real likelihood of getting zero,” said Mr Hughes.



Budget 09: Encore for Small Business

May 23, 2009

Federal Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull has sent a strong signal that the Coalition understands small business and is prepared to make changes to ease the burden on this vital sector of our nation’s economy, says the Business Enterprise Centres Australia, the county’s peak body on small business advice.

“Opposition proposals to reduce red tape, enable small business to take on and keep more apprentices, and roll out a tax-loss carryback policy, all touch important issues for small business people in Australia,” says BEC Australia chair, Peter Murray.

“Mr Turnbull’s budget reply suggests that both major parties are listening to small business in Australia and both have put forward proposals of considerable merit. (more…)

Budget 09: It’s Small Business Calling

May 14, 2009

As the dust begins to settle amid the hype of Federal Budget week, there is a particular gem that many commentators have overlooked and for which the Rudd Government needs congratulations, according to Australia’s Peak Body for Small Business Advice, BEC Australia.

Among a number of welcome measures for “the backbone of the Australian economy”, $10 million has been set aside for a Small Business Support Line that will link business people to their local support and advice network.

“In today’s fast-changing environment, a well-managed support line could be just the thing small business owners need to guide them through the turbulence,” says BEC Australia Chairperson, Peter Murray. (more…)