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Sun is Rising in the West for Small Business

May 30, 2011

Australia’s peak body for small business advice says the decision by the West Australian government to boost funding for its Small Business Centres with a $500,000 increase in this year’s budget, shows leadership worthy of the national stage, according to Business Enterprise Centres Australia chairman, Jack Hughes.

“Western Australia is currently the envy of many other states over its resources boom, but a string of decisions by Premier Barnett show WA is strengthening its economic foundations for the future by creating a new dawn of hope for its small businesses,” says Mr Hughes.

“The decision to appoint Simon O’Brien as a dedicated Small Business minister and now this extra funding to support the state’s 25 Small Business Centres puts WA in its own league when it comes to finetuning the economic engine room which is the small business sectors. (more…)


SA’s Rann Government Distances Itself From Small Business

September 21, 2010

Australia’s peak body for small business advice is puzzled by the South Australian Labor Government’s decision to stop funding frontline support for the state’s many small business owners, says Business Enterprise Centres Australia (BECA).

In its state budget handed down last week, the Rann Government cut almost $100 million from the Department of Trade and Economic Development, closing Business Enterprise Centres, and scrapping Small Business Month, the Small Business Helpline, and the SA Young Entrepreneur Scheme.

“This sends very confusing messages to the marketplace because only last month the Minister for Industry, Trade and Small Business, Tom Koutsantonis, was quoted bemoaning the fact that South Australia can get stuck in its ways and risk not creating a new generation of iconic businesses, ‘the new Coopers … Balfours … Haighs’,” notes BECA chair, David Baumgarten. (more…)

New Funding for ‘Nation Building’ BEC Network

March 20, 2009

Business Enterprise Centres in every state of Australia are among recipients of Federal Government funding as part of round two of the Small Business Advisory Services program (SBAS).

“This extra funding is a vote of confidence in the important, nation-building work our Business Enterprise Centres (BECs) are carrying out as they support small and micro businesses with advice and training,” says BEC Australia chairman Peter Murray.

“A flourishing small and micro business sector is vital to Australia’s economic security and this new round of funding will ensure the BEC network will continue to play its vital role in a diverse range of regions and communities across Australia,” he says. (more…)