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Australian small businesses hungry for advice post-GFC

March 3, 2010

Australia’s peak body for small business advice has surveyed its managers from 132 Business Enterprise Centres (BEC) nationwide and found that demand for advice and support is on the rise, says Business Enterprise Centres Australia.

The BEC survey found demand for advice and training rose an average of 9 percent in calendar year 2009, and that more small and micro businesses are engaged in planning to deal with GFC-related threats and opportunities than 12 months ago, up 7 percentage points from 29 to 36.

“These findings are encouraging from a national point of view because Australia is dependent upon its small business sector to drive the economy,” says BECA chair, Peter Murray.



Smart Businesses Getting “Downturn-Ready”

February 27, 2009

Usage of Australia’s Business Enterprise Centres has spiked in the last few months, as Small Business owners and operators began seeking advice amid early signs of a slowing economy due to the global credit crisis.

Following a qualitative survey of Business Enterprise Centre managers, BEC Australia reports there was an average 47 per cent jump in the number of businesses seeking advice and support from the networks business advisors in the latter half of 2008, compared to the first half.

“This is a significant jump and it shows small business people are watching economic indicators closely and doing what they can to be downturn-ready,” says Peter Murray, national chairman of BEC Australia, the country’s peak body for small business advice.

“Doom and gloom talk can become a self-fulfilling prophesy, so it is heartening to hear about the proactive steps many small businesses are taking,” he says. (more…)