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Sun is Rising in the West for Small Business

May 30, 2011

Australia’s peak body for small business advice says the decision by the West Australian government to boost funding for its Small Business Centres with a $500,000 increase in this year’s budget, shows leadership worthy of the national stage, according to Business Enterprise Centres Australia chairman, Jack Hughes.

“Western Australia is currently the envy of many other states over its resources boom, but a string of decisions by Premier Barnett show WA is strengthening its economic foundations for the future by creating a new dawn of hope for its small businesses,” says Mr Hughes.

“The decision to appoint Simon O’Brien as a dedicated Small Business minister and now this extra funding to support the state’s 25 Small Business Centres puts WA in its own league when it comes to finetuning the economic engine room which is the small business sectors. (more…)


Fresh start for WA’s Small Business Development Corporation

January 15, 2010

The West Australian government faces a character test in the eyes of local small business people as it ponders the future of its Small Business Development Corporation in the wake the departure of managing director, Mr Stephen Moir.

“While we didn’t always agree with Steve’s decisions, it is important that the SBDC has a strong leader who can advocate for small business at the State level,” says BEC Australia chairman Peter Murray. “We thank Mr Moir for his efforts in assisting small business in WA whilst SBDC Managing Director and in his previous roles.”

“We believe Steve’s departure is an invaluable opportunity for the government to demonstrate its on-going support of WA’s Small Business sector by making the SBDC a truly independent body, such as an independent statutory authority with a seven member board. (more…)

WA’s Small Business needs more assistance not less

May 7, 2009

Western Australia, once our nation’s great engine room of economic prosperity is teetering on the brink of implosion and the Barnett Government needs to provide additional support to small businesses especially those in the regions rather than playing the dangerous game of tinkering with vital small business support services by cutting funding from Belmont Business Enterprise Centre-Small Business Centre, says Business Enterprise Centres Australia.

“Any government worthy of managing a state’s economy should know that Australia’s two million plus small businesses keep this country alive and employ more than half the workforce,” says BEC Australia chairperson, Peter Murray.

“That’s a lot of jobs and the Barnett Government should be paying close attention to the health and vitality of the small business sector, especially when figures revealed this week show  WA job ads have plummeted almost 50 per cent in 12 months – the worst performance in Australia. (more…)

SBDC Decision: The Ultimate Kamikaze Blow To Small Business in WA

May 6, 2009

If Western Australia’s Small Business Development Corporation wanted to wreak havoc with hundreds of small businesses and thousands of families throughout the state, while also undermining its own future, it would be hard to surpass its recent decision to sever funding from the Belmont Business Enterprise Centre – Small Business Centre as of June 30, according to BEC Australia.

“This is a master move in mass destruction of WA’s small business advice network,” says BEC Australia chairman Peter Murray.

“If the SBDC was engaged in a war against the local small business sector, hitting the award-winning Belmont BEC – SBC would be a brilliant blow because the vibrant centre reaches out to WA enterprises far beyond its own neighbourhood.

“This short-sighted, eleventh-hour decision, to rob the Belmont BEC – SBC of the last year of its three-year funding agreement puts other WA-based business advisory services on notice that if you succeed and if you are innovative in finding new ways to fuel the economy, you will be punished,” he says. (more…)

“Mayday” for Small Business in WA

May 1, 2009

Western Australia’s Small Business Development Corporation has sent small business support in WA into a tail spin by slashing funding from the successful Belmont Business Enterprise Centre and doling out the funds in “pocket money“ portions to other centres across the state.

“I am not sure what is more staggering – the undermining of a successful small business support centre, or this wholesale redistribution of funds ‘out of the blue’,” says BEC Australia chairman Peter Murray.

“It beggars belief watching a practical grant of $93,000 being taken from a lean, efficient Business Enterprise Centre, and being redistributed in token handouts of less than $4,900 to 19 centres, 12 of which the Corporation’s managing director admits will likely struggle for survival anyway!

“WA taxpayers should be outraged by this misguided decision that will not only impact the Belmont BEC, but will impact thousands of families linked to the state’s small businesses which have been receiving  guidance, support and training through the centre to help them grow and continue contributing to the state’s economy,” he says. (more…)

Hands off the SBDC, warns BEC Australia

March 17, 2009

Australia’s peak body for Small Business Advice, Business Enterprise Centres Australia, is urging the WA government to ignore calls to privatise or amalgamate the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC).

The privatisation calls are being viewed by many observers as a move by the WA Chamber of Commerce and Industry to position itself to take over SBDC contracts, including small business support and advice work carried out by Small Business Centres and Business Enterprise Centres throughout WA.

“This is a dangerous time for playing with WA’s support mechanism for small business,” says BEC Australia chairman, Peter Murray.

“Firstly, the economy is providing a more challenging environment than usual this year, leading to a 47 per cent jump in small businesses seeking advice and support from Business Enterprise Centres nationwide. (more…)